October 19, 1961 – Bridgeport Sunday Herald

Bridgeport, CT (page 21)

Local Man and Wife Star in Dan Terry’s Big Band

It isn’t often that a musician can tour around the country with a band-and have his wife constantly by his side night after night.

But the fortunate couple are Joe Derise and his lovely wife Patty Easton.

Joe, son of the Frank Derises of Front St., Ansonia, is featured with Dan Terry’s Big Band on Campus as pianist and vocal stylist.

His wife Patty is also featured as a singer with Terry’s band, and supplies the decor.

Patty was formerly with Woody Herman’s band.

She was also the Jill in the Four Jacks and a Jill.

According to maestro Terry, Joe Derise and his wife are in perfect harmony with the band.

“Big Band on Campus” is not just a group to watch or listen to, or one that merely performs a background of sound and danceable rhythm. It’s more and plenty of both.