Birdland All-Stars at Carnegie Hall

Roulette Records LP-127 (also CD-98660. released May 18, 1993)

from liner notes by Stanley Dance:

Dan Terry, a trumpet player and arranger, was one of those perennial optimists who were (and are) always constructing and rehearsing big bands, confident that “the bands are coming back,” that the public must again appreciate their virtues, that a prosperous future is just around the corner, etc. Once indoctrinated with the big-band sound, who can believe that such a noble and inspiring American invention can ever be cast aside and forgotten? Terry had his band ready and was soon to open with it in Birdland. Moreover, he had been exchanging arrangements with Basie. So the lively performance of his number, The Teenager, featuring him as trumpet soloist with Basie’s band was in the nature of prior publicity. (In the light of what we now know happened in the next twenty years, it is impossible not to wonder about that title?)