Bein’ Green

Metronome 1011

Tico Tico (Zequinha Abru, arr. Dave Wolpe)
Frosted Black (Rob Pronk, arr. Rob Pronk)
Sesame Street (Joe Raposo/John Stone/Bruce Hart)
Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington, arr. Rob Pronk)
A Warm Breeze (Sammy Nestico, arr. Sammy Nestico)
Sing Sing Sing (Louis Prima, arr. Jeff Hest)
Bein’ Green (Joe Raposo, arr. Dave Barduhn)
Kiss of Fire (Angel Villodo, arr. Bob Enevoldsen)
Nervous Charlie (Ernie Wilkins, arr. Ernie Wilkins)
Fat Man Boogie (Billy May, arr. Peter Herbolzheimer)
Caravan (Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol, arr. Walt Stewart)
Let’s Dance (Gregory Stone, arr. Joseph Bonine)
Skyliner/Dreamsville (Charlie Barnet/Henry Mancini, arr. Billy Moore/Joe Reisman)
Children of Sanchez (Chuck Mangione, arr. Dave Wolpe)
Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller, arr. Glenn Miller)

Director: Dan Terry
Trumpets: Igmar “Snooky” Thomas, Billy Eisenman, Kyle Major, Chris Bornemisza, Brandon Pritchett
Trombones: Alex Grace, Ginny Broersman, Rick Wielbeski, John Shreve
Saxes: Nicole Bledsoe, Jean Paul Blamat, Patrick Weill, Russell Gonzalez, Gabriel Sundy
Clarinet: Paul Miller
Rhythm: Bob Early (Guitar), Randy Morser (Guitar), Simon Kafka (Guitar), Michael Cannon (Drums), Mark Sonnabaum (Bass), James Forston (Piano)

liner notes by Dan Terry (October 1999)
At the age of 75, my work as founder of the San Diego Youth Swing Band fills my days with all of the vibrant emotions I’ve ever enjoyed with music, and its greatest players, across the whole of my life. None of my previous big bands ever thrilled me more than these magnificent young “kids” who are my students and very gifted colleagues in this band.

My work with the band is a joy and, just maybe, I am giving something back to the world of music in payment for the many fantastic experiences in the world of music that God led me to across many long years. Not everyone is so lucky. This album demonstrates that good luck. Listen to the beauty and sincere feeling of “Bein’ Green” and to the excitement of “Nervous Charlie.” I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.

I can fill pages with accolades about these talented young musicians. I’ll reserve that for you. My admiration for each of them is one-hundred percent. After you hear these young tigers, “live” in concert or on this disc, you’ll share the feelings that I hold for them. They are not only musically talented; they are high scholastic achievers. Like most students who are deeply involved with music, they do not have time to hang out in pool halls or on street corners. Most kids involved with their own musical growth don’t waste time and squander the best years of life.

Once you listen to the whole of BEIN’ GREEN, I know that you’ll find a good measure of the admiration (if not the love) that I have for my talented student-colleagues. Five of them have been accepted into the Jazz Studies Program at the University of North Texas – one of the two or three best jazz programs in the world. Others in this band will follow them and still others yet will head off to Berklee College of Music, in Boston, which is the other strongest jazz program on the planet.

My deepest appreciation goes to Jim Merod who did a magnificent job of recording, editing, and engineering this album. Jim and Steve McCormack mastered this disc at BluePort Sound’s studios. It sounds beautiful. To Mesa College and to Professor James Romeo, director of the jazz band and head of their music department, many thanks. He arranged for our band to rehearse each week at Mesa College. He arranged for us to record this album there. To San Diego City College go my thanks, also, for bringing us to a concert there that is now part of the band’s publishing debut right here on this disc. Let me express pleasure in the art work that accompanies this album. It is the work of a very gifted artist, Dan Muzquiz. he has captured the good humor and the colorful energy, of the band’s music.

Most of all, my appreciation goes out to “my kids,” as I call them … these incredible hard-working young men and women. This album gives you a sense of their typical exemplary performance on stage. This is, after all, a dance band and a concert band. It is not merely a “rehearsal band.” We take music to the people, wherever our service is requested. Our band is always “on tour” throughout San Diego County and we are planning to travel beyond as well.

Turn your stereo system up loud! You’ll feel then and there like you’re sitting in the front tow. Anyone can love this music — the best American music every written – and should. Even a “rapper dude” might hitch-hike along for a ride. These players thank everyone who supports their educational growth. … I think they are really something … and they are, aren’t they! We will continue to play and perform. We hope you will watch them grow and make us all happy with their high spirits. GOD BLESS!