Dan Terry – bandleader (1924-2011)

Dan Terry attended the Conservatory at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, California. He performed in concert with Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holliday and many other luminaries of the jazz world and show business, and at several leading hotels, ballrooms, and nightclubs.

Dan Terry appeared on the NBC “Tonight Show.” He starred in, wrote for, and appeared in motion pictures. He recorded several albums and had his own radio jazz shows. He wrote and appeared in several television specials and toured with many bands during the big band era, including Muggsy Spanier, Larry Clinton, and the Sonny Dunham Orchestra.

Dan Terry and his band appeared at college proms and concerts from coast to coast, including UCLA, University of San Francisco, College of the Pacific, University of Iowa, Princeton University, Cornell University, Indiana University, University of North Carolina, along with many others.

Dan Terry founded the San Diego Youth Swing Band in order to pass on his five decades of experience in the band business to today’s most talented students.

7 Responses to Dan Terry – bandleader (1924-2011)

  1. Michele Nolin Carini says:

    Dear Greg,

    Many years ago I had the great pleasure of knowing you and your father. We were introduced one sunny winter day in Chester, NY at a little joint called Tin Pan Alley.
    Your father would occasionally pop by on Sunday’s during the open jazz sessions and misbehave as only he could do. You were just about my age at the time (i was the batrtender) and would shake your head and attempt to crawl under the bar at his antics.
    It was with a sad heart, I just learned of your father’s passing. Their are characters that come in and out of our lives at such odd times. Your father was only one of two – his friend Louie Denato the other- such people in my life that I regret having lost touch with over the years.
    I am so sorry for his loss, for the mark he made upon my life as my friend and musician.
    All the best,
    Michele Nolin Carini

  2. Rich Pulin says:

    I played in Dan’s 4 Soprano Sax (instead of trumpets) band at a loft in New York City!
    He was a fun guy and it a fun band!

    • Hi Rich and thanks for the recollections! Were you in on the recording sessions, too?

      Take care and God bless,
      Greg Kostraba (Dan’s son, who enjoyed Dad’s bands in the loft for the first nine months of my life!)

      • James Forston says:

        I was pianist in Dan Terry’s San Diego Youth Swing Band. Dan was a character and would yell and say the funniest things. It was the real world during his rehearsals and he toughened us up. Sad he passed but amazed at his longevity. Thanks Dan

  3. Joe Albano says:

    Dear Greg, I know it is belated. So sorry for your loss. I met Dan when I was staying at an Estate up in Tuxedo N.Y. I jammed a little with him that week and had a great time. A true gentleman. As a matter of fact i forgot I had this. While I was at the estate he was kind enough to give me an autographed copy of his 1981 album recorded in Las Vegas { METRONOME RECORDS M1010 ]
    which I just came across in my closet. Feel free to contact me anytime, best regards & stay well. JOE.

  4. Lou says:

    My name is Lou Austin and I was a Las Vegas Lounge singer with Dan and his orchestra backing me up from 1979 to 2000 in Las Vegas Nevada

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